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Moderating Comments on WordPress


WordPress packs a built-in comment option that helps with interactions within a community around the content that is on your WordPress site. In this article, we would go through the process of moderating comments in WordPress, prevent spam comments and anything and everything that concerns the comment section in your WordPress site. If you have […]

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Bluetooth Beats Studio Wireless Headphones


Cons and Pros of Bluetooth Beats Studio Wireless Headphones: Pros – The Beats Studio Wireless Bluetooth headphone is a comfortable above-the-ear wireless headphone offering excellent sound for a Bluetooth headphone and also features active noise-canceling technology. These headphones can fold into a more compact form factor and they have a decent battery life at 12 […]

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28 Habits of Dubai City and its Rich People


Witness in disbelief these 30 pictures from aloof Dubai City millionaires. In this article you witness the daily life of the Dubai City rich and the toys they buy. Located in the south of the Persian gulf, Dubai City is considered as one of the leading cities when it comes to architecture in the world. […]

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