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Transfer Settings and Data to new Mac or PC

transfer settings and data to new Mac - pcmac

You want to Transfer settings and data to new Mac or PC, but find the task intimidating especially if you are not fully organized. This article will list ways and tools to help you get started with this task. The process in quite straightforward and quick if you have been creating regular backups. That is […]

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What is rooting android and How it works

root android

Some of us have always wanted to become complete master of our digital devices. Rooting android opens a lot of possibilities but can also void the warranty or leave you with a bricked device. So when it gets down to rooting android device, you would want to know the benefits as well as the risks. […]

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Review of Cinderella 2015

These days the trend of animated movies is on the rise. Be it Walt Disney or Universal studios, all production houses are in one way or the other trying to make one animated movie. The rise of animated movies is due to their characters presentation, plot, actions, cinematography, sound and effects. The all time famous […]

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7 facebook tricks You didn’t knew about !

facebook tricks

Many of us use the popular social networking website Facebook every day, doing some mundane thing over and over again. Be it uploading or downloading pictures, updating statuses, messaging and group chatting or checking out a friend’s profile etc. Yet in spite of our daily Facebook usage, many of us have never tinkered with the […]