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iOS Vs Android – Which One Is Better?

ios vs android

Today, in this market of smartphones we have two best options available, either we can go with android or else we go with iOS. iOS is totally a different approach as compared to the android and often folks become confused that which operating system smartphone they should actually buy. Apple has got his hands on […]

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Which One: Is the Fastest Web Browser


Web browsers are something which help us surf the internet. Either you want to take out some information or you want to view some images on the internet, web browsers are always here to lend you a hand in order to accomplish the task. Today web browsers are much more than just browsers, the web […]

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The Best of CM11 Themes – Cyanogenmod Themes


Cyanogenmod is a custom android version with a lot of modifications. Its a ROM which is available for a lot of devices and is maintained by a group of passionate android developers. There are a lot of things which are just available in cyanogenmod while other stock roms lack that, and that is because stock […]