Relaunch Windows 8 Wifi Hotspot Without Creating New on Each Restart

wifi hotspot in windows 8

Windows 8 doesn’t have the wifi hotspot option but still one can create a wifi hotspot using windows 8 and can distribute the laptop’s internet connection with the help of wifi. This is really easy job and you can create your own wifi router with the help of your laptop in second. If you don’t […]

Why: Bloggers should choose Genesis Framework For WordPress

get genesis framework for wordpress

Genesis framework is really popular among the available frameworks for wordpress. A lot of beginners never know what magic genesis can do to their blogs. At least half of your effort is reduced when you make good business decisions and genesis is really one of these choices which gives a new u turn to your […]

A beginner’s Guide to Learn WordPress in a Month – Start a Blog

How to write a blog post-Recovered

WordPress is really a versatile blogging platform. A lot of pro bloggers are already using wordpress to publish content online to their blogs. Mashable, which is one of the best blogs took start from wordpress. A lot of sites are now being made in wordpress because of the flexibility which it offers to the users. […]

Choose the Best WordPress Hosting For Your New Blog

Choose best wordpress hosting

I hope that you came here to learn wordpress through the course published online over this blog (talkofweb). Incase you directly reached this post to learn about the best wordpress hosting, then it is absolutely fine. But if you are a learner who is really new in blogging and wordpress thing and wants to learn […]

Setup Cloudflare with Blog/Site – A Free Content Delivery Network

Speed up your website with Cloudflare Content delivery Network

There are some good content delivery networks in the market but you can’t evaluate everyone of those, so here comes the part of blogs to help you learn what is worth trying out of the bulk. A content delivery network gives a boost to your website and helps you to achieve a reduced load time […]