Can’t Login Windows: Stuck with Different Input Language on Lockscreen

Sometimes weird errors can totally make your computer unusable. One such error is sudden change of input language on your laptop’s lockscreen. As a result, you can’t enter your password in English; therefore, the entire glitch prevents you from using your computer. It can even put you at risk of data loss. Don’t panic, here is a solution which will not only allow you bypass different languages at login but also help input your password in English.

Use Alt-key combination for writing password

A smart hack to input your password in the required language is to use special characters keyboard. The special characters map is as follows:

alt 480alt 97a
alt 491alt 98b
alt 502alt 99c
alt 523alt 100d
alt 65Aalt 101e
alt 66Balt 102f
alt 67Calt 103g
alt 68Dalt 104h
If you press alt on your keyboard and using number pad type 48 then regardless of the input language zero in numerical form will appear in the password field. Don’t forget to click show-password-characters button on the right-side of the input field to confirm the character.

What if the alt-key-numeric combination doesn’t work?

In case, numeric combinations with alt-key don’t work then you need to use accessibility on the lock screen. In accessibility simply click on-screen-keyboard.

Lockscreen accessibility option Windows 10

Once you click On-screen keyboard, a large keyboard with a language other than that of your password will appear. Now, press the alt key on the on screen keyboard and try pressing numeric code afterwards on your physical keyboard and check if special english characters appear. In case, they don’t then turn on numeric pad on the on-screen keyboard:

  1. Click Options
  2. Tick Turn on numeric keypad
  3. Restart your accessibility keyboard by closing it
numeric keyboard on windows 10 lockscreen

On again starting the on-screen keyboard this time you will notice numeric keys. Incase you don’t simply click Num Lock button. This time a separate numeric keyboard will appear. In order to insert a in the password field, simply press alt button on your regular keyboard and then click 97.

Watch Guided Video on How to Solve Different Input Language during Login of Windows


Even if your system language is different than your password language, there is a way using which you can input english characters. This method is known as using special characters through the alt-key button in the Windows. Similarly, mapping codes for different characters can be found on the internet.