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‘Gymfluencer’ Joey Swoll gets gym membership of a woman cancelled as she mocks a man exercising

Fitness Influencer Faces Consequences After Controversial Video Sparks Outrage

In the world of social media, fitness influencers often wield significant influence, but one recent incident has shown that actions come with consequences. Allie Singer, known as @the_rippedbarbie on Instagram, found herself in hot water after posting a video that led to the cancellation of a woman’s gym membership.

The Controversial Video

Allie’s video, filmed at Absolute Recomp gym in Texas, captured a man working out without his shirt on. Rather than keeping the content positive, Allie made hurtful comments about the man’s appearance, expressing her displeasure with his choice to train shirtless. The video quickly ignited a firestorm of criticism online, with many condemning her for filming someone without their knowledge.

Instagram/ripped barbie

Defiant Response

Despite facing a barrage of criticism, Allie remained unapologetic, dismissing her detractors as ‘keyboard warriors.’ It was at this point that renowned fitness influencer Joey Swoll decided to step in and address the issue.

Joey Swoll’s Intervention

Joey Swoll, known for his no-nonsense approach to fitness, started by acknowledging the importance of choosing a gym that aligns with one’s preferences. However, he emphasized that Absolute Recomp had clear rules allowing shirtless workouts, and Allie had willingly signed up under those terms.

TikTok/Joey swoll