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Kim Kardashian remains tight-lipped when inquired about Kate Middleton

In a whirlwind of events, Kim Kardashian found herself embroiled in controversy after making a seemingly innocuous jest about the whereabouts of Kate Middleton. The reality star’s social media post, humorously suggesting she was “on my way to go find Kate,” sparked a torrent of criticism in light of the Duchess’s recent revelation about her battle with cancer.

Just days before Kate’s courageous announcement regarding her health, Kim playfully contributed to the speculation surrounding the Duchess’s absence from public view. However, the tone shifted dramatically when Kate disclosed her ongoing preventative chemotherapy treatment.


Kim’s Instagram post, once met with amusement, quickly became a focal point for angry comments and demands for its removal. Social media users flooded her account, condemning her joke as insensitive and demanding an apology.