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People demand child-free flights as passenger filming a continuously weeping baby in 29-hour long flight goes viral

The Call for Child-Free Flights: A Viral TikTok Sparks Debate
Social media is buzzing with calls for child-free flights after a TikToker’s video of a 29-hour journey went viral, featuring the relentless screams of a baby in the background.

TikToker’s 29-Hour Nightmare:

TikToker Henry Beasley, known as @balubrigada, shared a video capturing his exasperation during a lengthy flight from New Zealand to Germany. The relentless screams of a baby provided the soundtrack to his journey, leading to an eye-twitching and gum-chewing experience.

Viral Reaction and Sympathy:

Beasley’s TikTok video garnered a staggering 14.5 million views and 2.8 million likes, with sympathizers flooding the comments. Viewers empathized with his plight, expressing understanding and concern for the challenging situation.

Call for Consideration:

While some sympathized with the parents, acknowledging the difficulty of parenting on a flight, others emphasized the need for consideration towards fellow passengers. Suggestions were made for flight attendants to intervene when children become disruptive, ensuring a pleasant experience for all travelers.


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