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Bride Cancels her Wedding after Guests Refused to Pay $1200 to Attend

The Wedding Debacle: When Love Takes a Backseat to Extravagance

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern weddings, where the pursuit of perfection sometimes overshadows the essence of love, one couple’s attempt to fund their dream wedding took an unexpected turn. Requesting guests to pay a hefty fee of CA$1,500 per person, the couple faced a backlash that eventually led to the cancellation of the wedding and the end of their relationship. In this article, we explore the events that unfolded, shedding light on the consequences of prioritizing extravagance over genuine celebration.

The Price of Attendance:

In an era where weddings are becoming increasingly expensive, this couple decided to take an unconventional approach by asking their guests to contribute CA$1,500 each. With only eight guests RSVP’ing positively, it became evident that the financial burden was too steep for most attendees. The rising cost of living and economic constraints left many unable to fulfill this extravagant request.

The Fallout:

The couple’s dream wedding quickly turned into a nightmare as the overwhelmingly negative response forced them to cancel the event. Adding to the dramatic turn of events, the couple also decided to break up, citing irreparable problems in their relationship. The couple’s decision to part ways fueled speculations that the exorbitant demand for cash might have played a role in the dissolution of their union.

The Unapologetic Bride:

Despite the less-than-enthusiastic reception to their wedding plans, the bride, named Susan, remained unapologetic about her cash demand. Taking to social media, she expressed disappointment over the cancellation of the wedding and the subsequent breakup. Susan defended the request for CA$1,500 from each guest, emphasizing that it was essential for funding the extravagant celebration they had envisioned.

The Justification:

Susan explained that their decision to ask for cash gifts was based on their sacrifices and the desire to host a dream wedding. According to her, the financial contributions from close friends and family, including a CA$5,000 pledge from the maid of honor and a CA$3,000 offer from the groom’s family, set a precedent. She asserted that the request for CA$1,500 from other guests was not unreasonable, framing it as a necessary contribution to their once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

The Role of a Psychic and the Extravagant Plan:

The couple’s decision to opt for an extravagant wedding was influenced by the advice of a local psychic. Susan revealed that, considering their fairytale-like love, they were advised to go for the most expensive option. With plans to spend a staggering CA$60,000 on the wedding, the couple’s choice to prioritize opulence over financial practicality ultimately backfired.


The tale of this ill-fated wedding serves as a cautionary reminder about the delicate balance between celebrating love and succumbing to the pressures of societal expectations. While couples may aspire to create a fairytale wedding, demanding excessive financial contributions from guests risks overshadowing the genuine joy of the occasion. This cautionary tale prompts reflection on the true essence of weddings and the importance of valuing love over extravagant displays, as the couple grapples with the fallout of their ill-conceived cash demand.