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Three mansions worth over $40 million are on the verge of falling off cliff

Over the weekend, residents and social media users alike were left in awe and disbelief as a landslide in Dana Point, California, positioned three opulent mansions on Scenic Drive perilously close to the edge of a cliff. The jaw-dropping spectacle has stirred both concern and contemplation among onlookers.

The Pricetag of Precariousness

Reports indicate that the three mansions, perched on the brink of uncertainty, boast eye-watering valuations. One of these architectural marvels is appraised at a staggering $16 million, while its neighbors command prices of $13 million and $12.8 million, respectively, according to Collin Rugg.

Nature’s Wrath: A Consequence of Heavy Rainfall

The unsettling development follows a bout of heavy rainfall that left its mark on California. The affected area, housing these extravagant properties, experienced significant repercussions, with the mansions now edging even closer to the abyss, one appearing to precariously hang off the cliffside.

Local Concerns Echoed

Residents of Dana Point have not shied away from expressing their apprehensions. Jan Cocchiara, speaking to ABC 7, voiced a common concern, wondering if the hill’s stability had been compromised due to extensive development in the region.