WordPress Jetpack Plugin – A Solution For Pro Bloggers

WordPress is used extensively all over the world because of its ease of access and three clicks installation. You can have a lot of solutions in wordpress under on roof. One of the great additions to the wordpress is the use of plugins. Jetpack for wordpress is indeed a great plugin which can help you around in a lot of things. This article will teach you the exact use of wordpress jetpack plugin for the ease of access as a blogger.

Jetpack by WordPress - What Probloggers use in Blogs

WordPress Jetpack Plugin – Why to Use:

Following are the main reasons to use Jetpack for the WordPress:

  • One can easily keep a track of the incoming search terms for his blog.
  • Jetpack shows the page view count of every post at daily, weekly, monthly or all over the time basis.
  • Once the author publishes the post, jetpack for wordpress pings the search engines for a new addition to the blog.
  • Jetpack for wordpress enables the content delivery network features for the images, i-e it hotlinks the images from your blog to the wordpress own fast self hosted server, thus saving your bandwidth as a whole.
  • Jetpack has the built in sharing buttons, which can be enabled for the posts as well as pages, and can also be called anywhere in the theme using the call back function.
  • It has also a email subscription option for the incoming visitors which can be placed as a widget in the sidebar.
  • A built in gallery tag support which makes the gallery appear in sliding manner with the lightbox effect.
  • Enables the wp.me shortlink feature for the blog, so that author may get instant shortlink of every post once published.
  • Embedding videos from popular networks like Youtube, Digg and Vimeo.
  • Automation of posting to the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn.
  • Ads Widget support for recent tweets and Facebook like box.
  • It enables the mathematics support for the mathematicians who like to publish there work online via blog.
  • JetPack is a one plugin solution for many problems, which bloggers face.

Install JetPack For WordPress:

  • Login to your WordPress blog and Get to Plugins > Add New from the side menu of the dashboard.
  • In the search field just type “JetPack” and install the Plugin:

1- Install JetPack For WordPress

  • After having the plugin installed just active it, to take the benefits from above mentioned features.

Most General Settings of WordPress Jetpack Plugin – Configuring Jetpack For your WordPress Blog:

Below are some of the most common and important settings which everyone must do, after installing Jetpack plugin for wordpress.

Connect Jetpack with your WordPress hosted Account:

You will need to connect Jetpack with your wordpress.com account, and incase you don’t have one you can get it here Signup at WordPress.com. After creating an account there just get back to your self hosted blog dashboard. There you will see a Jetpack menu created at the sidebar main menu. Just open that jetpack menu.

At the top right corner of your screen you will see the “Connect” button, for connecting your jetpack to the wordpress account. Just press connect and signin to your wordpress.com account to authorize your blog. You are done, and your jetpack connection status will be shown at the same place like this:

2- Connect Jetpack to WordPress

Activating Necessary Services of Jetpack by WordPress:

Below are the necessary features of the Jetpack which you must enable in the Jetpack Main menu:

1- Activate Publicize featured of Jetpack.

2- Activate wordpress stats, to view the page views you get over any post in a day, month or year.

3- WordPress Stats

3- Activate carousel in order to make your gallery pictures show in carousel style in a lightbox effect.

4- Carousal Feature for Jetpack and wordpress

4- Activate the Vault Press feature for the enhanced security of your blog against the web spams and viruses.

5- Activate spelling and grammar check if you want jetpack to check the grammatical errors while publishing any post.

5- Spelling erros correction in wordpress

6- Activate Sharing, if you want those cool social buttons at the end of posts and pages.

6- Sharing Buttons For WordPress

7- You can also add a contact form to any page using the Jetpack. Just look at this icon while creating a contact us page.

7- Contact Button for Jetpack wordpress

8- Activate mobile theme for your blog, if you don’t have a responsive theme activated already.

8- Mobile theme for Your WordPress blog

9- Activate photon to enable the CDN feature for the images of your blog. It means that all the images will be mirrored to the wordpress own webserver i-e wp.com

That’s it you are done, Happy Blogging and Don’t forget to subscribe to get every new update directly to your inbox if I helped you.

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