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10 Writing tips For bloggers to Get Good Impression on Reader

Writing is an art and it’s also a tool which is used to convey your thoughts to the outside world. If you have something very brilliant going through your mind and you want to tell the world that what great knowledge or thoughts you possess in your mind, then you must have a very good writing ability. Blogging is a method in which you express your thoughts or ideas regarding anything on a website or any other virtual forum which is known as blogs. These blogs are visited by millions of people every day and they read the posts meeting their own interest. As the number of blogs are increasing at an exponential speed so there must be something in you blog which differentiate it from the other. The quality of the content is the first priority but still there are some other things which matter a lot in increasing the traffic on your blog. Here are the few writing tips regarding blog writing and how you can make it more attractive and useful to others.


1- Keep it short:

If you are writing a blog of say 1000 words, never write it in form of large paragraph. It will bore the reader and he will lose his interest. He is not going to read the whole paragraph even though it contains the useful information. Keep it short and write it in form of interesting headings

2- Images:

Blog is not restricted to express information in form of text and numbers. You can also add images to illustrate your thoughts and ideas. There is no limitation to the number of pictures but you need to make sure that you don’t add so many images that your blog look like comic book rather than a blog.

3- Write about your passion:

Another tip among the important writing tips is that you should try to write about those things in which your interest lies or you are passionate about. This will increase the intensity of interest level in the reader and it will make you to perform at your best. For example if you are interested in automobile, then try to write about upcoming trends in engines, braking systems, turbocharger ETC.

4- Blogging platform:

This is not one of the writing tips but this is much more important than those as you need to post the blog somewhere after writing it. If you are posting your articles on the platform of someone else then it may not be your concern but if you have a blogging platform of your own then you must be having a good command over VISUAL EDITOR (HTML, if you prefer it). If you are working on Tumblr, Word press or Posterous then you must be aware of their up to date versions and new features.

5- Avoid Text talk:

One of major dilemma of our generation is that we opt for shortcut in everything. The abundant usage of Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS and other social networking websites have made us to use shortcuts and short forms in writing also. Although they have now become an informal standards but still it looks very odd if you use them in your blog. It will give an inappropriate look and will show the lack of interest of writer as well.

6- Constant tense:

One of the most common mistake while writing the article is that people usually switches between different forms of tenses or different perspectives like switching between “first person” to “third person” or from I to “WE”. You must maintain the constant perspective and constant tense throughout the article or blog

7- Research:

A well-researched article would have a much more value able content and it can differentiate you blog from that of other bloggers. Using this writing tip your blog can stand out from the bunch of others.

8- Entertaining the requirements of reader:

One of the most common things that the writer fails to fulfill is the reader requirements. Try to write about those things which attracts the reader or the things which the want to read about. For example if you are targeting the readers of the age group of 10 -15 year old, do write about different comic series, cartoon characters and simple sciences experiments. If you are trying to make them read about “Einstein’s theory of relativity” then surely it will do no good.

9- Check for contradictions:

Another important writing tip is that you must check your blog for any contradicting things after completing it because sometimes it happen that people contradict themselves in a glaring way without even knowing it for example if you are writing about an accident in which you weren’t effected but you write about it in “first person”. Or if you are posing to be sad about something and you write that how much you laughed there.

10- Proofreading:

Proof reading your blog will minimize the chances of errors. Always try to proofread your written content before posting it and also run a grammatical and spell checker on it. Another important writing tip is that you should also proofread your blog after 2 or 3 days of writing it because if you proofread it right after writing it then the text would be still fresh in your mind and you will be having trouble finding the mistakes. Once it has been erased from your mind now you can find the mistakes if there are some. Once you make sure that there are no mistake in you bog then you should post it.