Troubleshoot: Windows can’t be installed because of GPT Partition Style During Bootcamp Windows 10 Installation

Bootcamp is quite a wonder when it comes to using windows on macs. Macbook Pro no wonder, helps running of windows in the most smooth manner. The retina display on the windows has its own charms. The quality of display met with the sharpness of windows graphics helps the macbook give a good impression of premium. Recently I had an experience of installing windows 10 on macbook pro late 2013, having an i7 processor with 16GB of ram.

After the installation the windows ran quite smoothly. There were no errors or lags to be offered by such amazing hardware of apple with combination of windows, one of its rivals when it comes to operating system.

Though, during installation through the bootcamp, I faced an issue which restrained me from having a bug free installation of windows 10 on macbook pro. The bug was of awkward nature and happened because of faulty nature of the partition style.

Solution: Windows 10 can’t be installed on MAC during Bootcamp installation because of GPT Partition Style

The error might have occurred because of one slight mistake. There can be other possibilities too. But first lets get to the most obvious one, which often lead people to get into rather more complex troubleshooting techniques. The issue is with the Bootcamp.

Once you are able to make the USB with proper files downloaded for the compatibility through the bootcamp. You are prompted for the below step, to choose what capacity of drive you want to dedicate to the windows over your macbook.

Partition Selection Bootcamp for Windows

After this step, your computer restarts. Now, for most of the users the Macbook own operating system starts instead of auto boot into the USB for the completion of the Windows installation. The fault lies here. One had to take actions to resolve the issue.

So, A bit better techie user instead force boots the mac into the Windows installation. (If you don’t know how to boot into windows, then turn off your mac, press power button and hold down “Option” key, there you’ll be given choices).

The problem with GPT partition occurs when instead of choosing “EFI Boot” one chooses Windows Installation or something else. The installation may start with choosing options other than EFI Boot but then this will only yield the partition style error. Thus, to solve the GPT partition style error during windows 10 installation you need to force boot your mac to EFI Boot. This will resolve the error.