Quick Fix For “No Thumbnail” For Facebook Shared Link

It happens that most of the times when we try to share our link at Facebook the thumbnail never appears and it gets really frustrating for all of us who are active bloggers and share a good part at internet. I found a solution to cop with this problem and you will be able to make the Facebook shared link thumbnail immediately as soon as you follow the solution step wise with you precious link. The difficulty level is just 0% and its a simple trick which can save a lot of heck.

Be sure you used open graph tags – Resolving no thumbnail for Facebook shared link:

First step is to be sure that you have used the open graph tags to provide Facebook with thumbnails of the link which you are sharing. These tags are to be used in head section of the page with the source path of the thumbnail image which you want to be shown while sharing that specific link at Facebook. Be sure to read and follow the previously posted tutorials : Facebook Shared link Thumbnail – How to make it work

Quickly Fix the “No Thumbnail” for Facebook Shared Link:

1- First Copy the link which you want to be shown with thumbnail preview at the Facebook.

2- Go to the Debug tools at the Facebook Developer and paste the link to analyze that what kind of meta data Facebook server can fetch.

Debugger Tool For Facebook Link Share

3- If you get the thumbnails in your result related to that pasted link, then the open graphs tags are successfully used with your post or any other online content. In case you don’t see any thumbnails then you need to read this post: Facebook Shared link Thumbnail – How to make it work After reading this thoroughly and after following the guideline, Again repeat the process and this time you should be able to see your desired thumbnail in the Debug tools for Facebook.

4- Go to the place, Fanpage or group at the Facebook where you need the specific link to be shared with thumbnail preview and this time thumbnail will show up. All the process taken in the debugger tool made Facebook recognize the thumbnails attached with our post and now sharing it anywhere won’t give you any blank thumbnail error.