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How to: Improve your Writing Skills

Writing is an important part of academic life for any student. During the whole academic life, there are a lot of assignments, presentations, reports, etc. that are assigned to students and are marked critically by the instructors. The reports and academic stuff is usually completed by copy paste method because the students are not properly trained for this and they find it a very tough task to do. Even in professional life, writing skills play an important role in success of any individual. You can excel in your life at office if you are good at it and it also provides a certain edge for promotion. Writing skills are not like any other subject that has a theory part, then some practical part that has to be undergone and passed to know how good you are at it. There are some simple practices that can do the magic and the your writing can be seen as a model after certain time. Here are some simple ways to improve your writing skills.


Do It Yourself:

The biggest obstruction in doing anything is the fear that occupies you and doesn’t let you do something yourself. The first step of improvement in any field is to overcome that fear and give yourself a shot at that thing. A lot of people tend to reach or consult a professional of even the simplest things that need to be done because they fear that if they do that themselves, they would fail and ruin the party. But in reality, they ruin their own party by going to others. First thing to do before improving your writing skills is to start writing something and not blaming yourself of the written material being bad or broken.


Students are taught tenses in schools to improve their English but they are not practiced as much as they should be. A common way of teaching them is to just make the students learn the basic sentence structure by heart and translate the given exercises in the book. The same sentences are translated in the class and even the exams contain the sentences from those exercises to translate. This all helps the student to take the shortcut and rather than understating the thing, they just memorize it for a day and forget the next. Tenses play a very important role in understanding the language and the related techniques. The first step to improve the writing skills is to know what is to be written and what are the basic concepts that make the sentence in the proper structure.


Another blunder accepted and practiced in many of the institutes and a lot many students is to take the route of cramming to learn and reproduce the essays on a paper in exams. Essays provide you an opportunity to express your thoughts in terms of words. There is always a key line for an essay around which the whole essay rotates, it may sometimes be the title of the essay. Writing essay help a lot in improving your writing skills. You find everything about the focus point of the essay you can and then arrange it in a way that they look like something good and readable.


Vocabulary is an important part of any writing. More the vocabulary, better the options you have to select the words to describe your thoughts. You may come across a lot of instances where you won’t be able to find the correct word for something you want to write, to counter that, you can make the habit of keeping a pocket size dictionary to help you out. Other than that, if you have access to internet, you can always search thousands of words for anything you desire.


Newspapers are not taken seriously these days and are basically used to wrap grocery and food items in market. Only a few people read them and take the most of it. You can read a newspaper and observe the words and formats of written material used by others. News are posted in different forms, there are some headlines in bold and large fonts that are to catch the eye of the reader and describe the whole story in a few words. You can’t really get the complete idea of the skills by reading just the headline, you have to go through the whole story. Sentence structures and the words used are the most important part and rather than memorizing them, it is easier to make the habit of reading newspaper daily and observe the articles and news to help improve your writing skills.


Books are your best friends when it comes to acquiring knowledge and improving writing skills. They are used to acquire knowledge and they serve the purpose very well. Other than the information contained in them, they also offer a model of writing to follow. You can take any book of your interest and besides getting the usual stuff, observe the way they are written. Every chapter starts with an introduction followed by some basic stuff and then getting to the main stuff gradually. This is the basic flowchart of any piece of writing. You do not simply jump to the conclusion at the beginning, but make the things flow just like a water stream.


Articles provide yet another approach to writing skills and reading different articles can help you improve your writing skills. There are millions of articles written by thousands of writer on daily basis. You can either follow any blog and visit it regularly or simple surf the internet to find articles matching your interest and go through the articles of different writers to take and idea of how things are written and start taking notes during that. This can help you when you finally start writing something of your own.

The major and most important thing you can do to improve your writing skills is to write yourself and observe others writing.