How to Combine Text and Formula in Mac Numbers Software

Although Microsoft Excel is a popular software dealing with data entry; however, its mac counterpart is equally powerful. On mac system, Numbers is the software which does the work of an Excel. It’s a powerful software but there isn’t enough guide available for it on the internet. Nevertheless, Apple’s official documents of Numbers are available. However, it’s worth knowing that sometimes Apple guidelines become a little technical. Hence, I am writing this article to help people who want to know the process to combine text and formula in one cell on Mac.

Basically, Numbers is a spreadsheet software which works on MacOS. Just like excel it also has formulas and functions to deal with data. However, some functions are different when compared with excel.

Use Concatenate Function to combine Text and Formula in Numbers

In Excel, the function is different. However, in case of the Mac, you are going to use Concatenate function in order to combine two data sources in one cell. Suppose, you want to show the different of two values like this:

Output: Net: $53400

You have to use the following function.

CONCATENATE("Net: $",F71−G67)

Remember, F71 and G67 are the cell numbers in the above formula. You’ve to change it with your own cell numbers for which you want to find the difference.

Similarly, you can also combine two different functions, or three functions using Concatenate function in Numbers on Mac. So, this is how, you show sum and difference in a single cell.

CONCATENATE(SUM(F71,G67), " This was Sum, This is Difference " , F71-G67)

The output would be something like this, it would be a single cell showing Sum and Difference of two cells together.

Output: 350 This was Sum, This is Difference 110


Definitely, after reading this guide, you understand how simple it is to combine two or three different functions in a single cell. Most people find it hard to combine text label with a formula in Numbers. The Concatenate function makes it super easy.