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Best On Page SEO and Keyword Optimization Practices

A lot of bloggers are not well aware of the on page seo tactics which are very important to rank their content higher. This article will not only address to those new bloggers but will also make others learn the onpage seo skills which will make their content rank higher. A neat and clean beginning with a perfect pattern always owns a success. You must try your best to fulfill the following list of things to have good on page seo metrics.

On Page SEO and Keyword Optimization

Best On Page SEO Practices to Follow:

Deciding What to write and Choosing Keywords:

The first thing in regard to SEO is that what are you going to write? If you are not clear about it then surely you are going to miss the first step to the one page SEO. Remember you are never ever going to rank higher without doing a proper keyword research regarding your topic which you are going to write. After having a bunch of good ranked keywords and a theme in mind about the article or the content you will be able to write a really striking article both to the search engines as well as to the humans.

  1. You must first know that do you really worth enough to write certain thing? Because success lies behind the idea of being the best in your field.
  2. First make an idea of what you want to deliver to the blog audience.
  3. Second do some keyword research. One good tool is to use Google Keyword research tool. It will tell you that how much that specific keywords or terms is being searched on the internet through google.
  4. Get some good keywords which you are going to use in your article later. One of them must be the best keyword with pretty large number of searches.

Writing the Perfect Headline and URL (Permalink):

After you know the topic of your article and you know the perfect keywords which are searched by the people you are now ready to convey your worthy information to the world with some keyword optimization. What if you write content at your own but that is no searched by the people? That will be rather embarrassing because you will not be able to get the right audience. So, the purpose of writing a good heading with a good url is to get that traffic which you deserve.

  1. Add that chosen keyword which had high searched into your heading.
  2. Add that specific keyword into your url too.

Example: Suppose you are going to write an article about peanuts buying recommendation. You have done some keyword research and you got the result that “World’s Best Peanuts” is searched a lot.

Your heading will be “World’s best peanuts to buy” and permalink will be “

Here you should notice that top ranked keyword is being focused in the article heading as well as in the url.

Writing the perfect body of your article for better SEO:

You have got all those high ranked keyword for your article. Now, it’s time to get those keywords into the body of your page.

  1. Place that high ranked keyword which is in the heading and permalink to the top of your first paragraph in your article for better search engine optimization.
  2. Try to add related keywords being searched into your article body at the right time and at right place so that readers may not face any inconvenience.

All you need to do is to make it more comfortable for the readers, highlight the important points and write in the form of paragraphs. Don’t forget to add right headings at the right place. The <h1> heading tag is your most important tag which will matter a lot in your seo. Thus, try to keep your high search keyword into the heading of the article too. But keep a healthy keyword density which must feel like normal. Don’t stuff your keyword unnecessarily.

Adding Image with Alt for both Search Engine and Users:

It is a good practise to add images in order to support your content. Try to make a related image and then put that into your content with the right alt tag. Give it a title tag too.

Example: <img src =”IMAGE PATH” alt=”Best Peanuts” title=”Best Peanuts”/>

You have noticed that I have kept a keyword optimized alt and title tags for the image which is surely of the some of the world’s best peanuts. Don’t forget to add images to your support. Images make it more cool for the users to watch the visual information since the visual information is the best marketing weapon.

Some Rules which must be followed for better SEO and Higher Search Engine Rankings:

Title, Meta and url length for SEO:

Your title must be less than 75 characters, url to be less than 90 characters and meta description to be less than 160 characters so that it may not be omitted by search engine search results.

The keyword Density:

The primary keyword must be in the article but that must not be stuffed to much. There must be a limit but you must highlight the important keywords phrases in your article. Keep the keyword density to be normal for the readers and as far as it is normal for the readers the search engines will like it too.

A compelling meta describing your write up:

Your meta data must be compelling one since it will force users to click on your link and visit the website.

Social media share buttons:

Your on page seo element is social media sharing, which if gets more frequency will earn you some good rankings. Thus, place some good social media share buttons on your blog which must be convenient to click.

Rich Snippets:

Author tags and rich snippets must be used accordingly in your template of the article page. If you have not used to authorship and other page markup tags then chances are you might not rank well. Your can easily check your page markup and rich snippets statistics at Google Rich Snippets Tool.

Indexable content:

The information which you are going to provide must be indexable by the crawlers. The information must be clear and should be very authentic so that you may build a trust by the users thus making them stick at your website for a long time.

That was it for now, later I’ll come up with the design attributes of a page or an article. Don’t forget to subscribe to talkofweb by email. If you are following all the guides then you can easily end up with success.