Backup your WordPress Blog to Dropbox

You create blogs and that requires much effort and constant pace with posting quality content. Often bloggers make a very big mistake which is much common now a days, which is that they don’t keep a backup version of their blog. Normally if the blog get’s hacked into or if the host crashes then such a blogger gets nothing at the end of the day and his all of the hard work gets wasted in seconds. Thus, it is always better to take some before time steps in order to keep your precious blog safe. A very handy step to keep your blog at the safe side is taking regular backups of your entire blog.

Taking regular backups can really be crucial for you, now a days some good hosting companies also provide regular automated backups. However you can also take automated backups of your entire blog over your dropbox account and this can help you save a lot of mess. And in case of any emergency you will have the last option left, “Restoring your Blog From DropBox

Backup WordPress blog to Dropbox:

It’s not a tough job to be done and really needs just some clicks to get it accomplished. At the end of this tutorials you will feel much safe about your blog because despite of having regular backups from your host provider you will also have a backup of your website, which is automatically updated at daily basis. For the reason I am going to share with you a plugin, which has the best feature:

  1. You can automate your daily backups to your Dropbox account.
  2. You can select an unselect the folders to be synced with your account.

Login to your WordPress blog dashboard, go to plugins. Search for “Backup to Dropbox” and install it, like shown in the screenshot:

WordPress Backup for Dropbox

After installing the plugin you will see that an additional tab is there in the dashboard menu of your wordpress blog. Click on that additional tab named as “WPB2D” and there you just need to do some settings.

Firs of all link up your Dropbox account and allow the API to connect to the plugin.

After that in the settings of the plugin WPB2D , select the time and folders(Select every Folder I recommend) at which you want your backup to run, and select the frequency afterwards. You an select a daily frequency or else if you don’t post regularly then a weekly frequency might suit your well. Save the settings, and then you can check the backup status in the Backup Monitor tab of the plugin menu in your dashboard.

You SQL database is also dumped along with the files backup of your website. The sql database backup can be found in your dropbox account underĀ wp-content>>Backups folder. Thus, along with the files backup of your blog, the database is also dumped into your dropbox account. Be sure that you keep that folder secure and only allow yourself to look into that folder, never accidently give the public permissions to the folder which has all of your blog or website data as backup.