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Paralysed girl posts her exoskeletons first walk on Reddit and it changes her life beyond imagination

Written by Wamiq Ali

I think humanity is still alive because after reading this paralysed girl’s response on Reddit has made me emotional enough to blog about this particular incident.

Jillian used Reddit five months ago and posted her GIF of first walk using exoskeletons. As everyone knows that Reddit requires an image with a heading for any particular post to get published. She used the Subreddit r/gifs and posted the following gif with this headings, ‘I heard you guys like seeing paralyzed people in exoskeletons – here’s my first time walking using crutches!

Jillian Harper First Walk in exoskeleton

Reddit responded to this GIF in a different way, they started donating the girl to change her life forever. What a sweet gesture by Reddit, Jillian had no clue that this moment could be the first step to a change in her life. People from Reddit started donating to the Jillian’s Harpin medical fund.

Jillian’s Medical Fund

The internet is a beautiful place, and this article must be shared to those who call it a bad place. The parents of Jillian got overwhelmed by the positive response. They shared some sweet words for the Reddit community and all those who had helped them set up a medical fund, ‘We would like to thank those that have made positive comments and most of all those that have donated to Jillian’s medical expense fund. As her parents, we are overwhelmed by the support we have gotten from both friends and total strangers’.

Jillian father said that watching her stand in exoskeleton was like watching her walk 23 years back when she was a kid.

Now, this was the story 5 months ago from today, some hours ago Jillian posted her current status. This time she came up with her physical therapy video and thanked Reddit for raising all the fund which she used for the physical therapy. She hopes to fight her way out of the paralysis.

This time she posted this updated with the title, ‘A few months ago, I posted a gif of my paralyzed self-walking in an exoskeleton and lots of Redditors donated to my recovery fund. That money allowed me to spend the last five weeks at Shepherd Center doing physical therapy and cool stuff like this. Thanks, Reddit!’

If you too want to donate to Jillian, then visit her Medical Expense page.

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