Horse faints after pulling tourist carriage in heat

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A footage had emerged on the internet which shows a horse going unconscious after pulling a tourist carriage in heat. The wagon was reportedly full of tourists and according to different accounts, the load was not fair for the capacity of the horse.

A clip emerged on the social media on June 22 which showed a horse collapsing on the road because of heat wave. In the footage two young people rushed towards the fallen horse to provide it water. They were also attempting to free the horse from the clutches of the carriage. The place where this incident happened is in Charleston, South Carolina. The summer is pretty harsh these days. The video has been uploaded on the Facebook and those who have a weak heart should not watch the video.

The video has been shared by Julie Marie Cappiello and Charleston Fire Department, several people in the video can be seen rushing towards the fallen horse. The poor animal could be seen lying motionless on the hot road. As the passersby attempted to free the horse, some of the people started to shout that the tourists should have used a car.

Some wishers in the video could be seen petting the horse as they were feeling pretty bad for the poor animal. The video has been shared 70k times and it has received quite a lot of comments. The activists who came across this video recommended that the animal owners in summer should ensure safety and well being of their animals.

According to The Post and Courier, the company operating the horse namely Charleston Carriage Works has decided to sue Charleston Animal Society and Charleston Carriage Horse Advocates for libel and defamation. The company presented different account of details, it said in a statement that the horse lied still until the tack was removed as it was trained to do so, however, the CEO of the Charleston Animal Society said that his organisation was ready to stand with the statements released in the favour of the horse. The organisation called for an independent study to find out how such animals wage in heat.

A generic guideline has been issued that during summers horses sweat a lot, therefore if access of work is taken from horses then they should be given access to fresh water and shade. A horse suffering from heat might show lethargy and other signs of slowness.

If a horse shows any of these signs a vet should be contacted for advice. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can lead to unsteadiness on the feet, collapse, kidney, liver and muscle damage, laminitis and could even be fatal.

The above advice has been offered by RSPCA.

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