English woman and Italian man fell in love using Google Translate

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Does it mean that once someone falls in love things become effortless? Because apparently using Google Translate for sake of communication is not an effortless task. It requires a smartphone and a working internet connection which can sometimes be a luxury. Anyone who has an experience of using Google Translate to talk to the foreigners can understand these lines quite well. So, this couple used Google Translate to fell in love with each other. They were lucky enough to have found each other because each one of them has a patience level 9999. Well, let’s not talk in meme language.

Chloe Smith found the love of her life, thanks to technology

The couple came across each other in a night club in Ibiza. They were not expecting that in a night full of binge they would come across each other and fall in love immediately. There is a catch in this story the two couldn’t speak the mother tongue of each other. Now, love can’t happen with a communication barrier. Communication is one necessary thing for the love to happen.

The couple is happy after finding each other.

The fell in love with each other, they had to find a way to communicate with each other. Later, after some search they found that Google translate was their option. They knew that using Google translate they could talk to each other and watch videos with subtitles.

Two years have passed and both can now speak Italian and English. It was their love which made them learn the new language. Chloe is a makeup artist and Daniele is a bartender by profession. The girl said that she made the first move and asked his number. She said that she found him quite attractive. According to her, she never had a boyfriend in her life but after watching him, she knew he was the one.

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