Zoo confirms that the Jaguar which attacked selfie-taking US woman won’t be put down

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There was a time when cameras were only available in big stature and shape, however the advancement of technology has made cameras available in every hand, that has happened in the form of smartphones. Today, people want to capture and upload every moment of their life and in doing so they often put themselves in great perils. Just look at this women, she attempted to take a selfie with Jaguar and what happened was something unexpected. The jaguar attacked the woman because she tried to cross the safety fence. Now, all this risk which she took was because to take some good selfie. This is one hell of a happening, because human safety is always preferred in such cases. Therefore, the world was worried if the jaguar would be put down. Until recently, the officials concerned with the zoo administration said that the jaguar would not be put down. The Wildlife World Zoo in Arizona later tweeted on Saturday that nothing was going to happen to the jaguar.

The zoo management also stated that such wild animals are often kept inside the barriers to keep their audience safe, when such barriers are crossed then this isn’t the fault of the animals if any harm is caused. The woman crossed the barrier and it was indeed her mistake. According to the witnesses, the woman crossed the barrier as she visited the animal on Saturday. She wanted to take the selfie. The jaguar after witnessing the woman cross the fence, just reach to her and dug its claws into her arms. The big cat was refusing to let go the woman until some threw the water bottle to distract the animal.

An eye witness, Adam Wilkerson said that he could hear the woman shouting, help, help help. He ran over there only to see a jaguar not letting go off the girl. It had clasped its claws outside of its cage and right into the arm of the girl. The mother of this eyewitness threw a water bottle to distract the big cat. The woman had crossed the barrier in an attempt to take a selfie. She needed stitches on her arm and some injections. The video of this incident are circulating on the internet.

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