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YouTuber’s recorded disturbing moments before he took his dad’s life show barbaric acts

Written by Wamiq Ali

This guy should have a special place in prison because the act which he just committed is quite heinous in nature. Dude snapped that day but it wasn’t unusual for his parents.

Lane Davis used to live with his parents in a small community off the Northwest Coast of Washington State. He was a contributor to Reddit and also used to run a YouTube channel. It was a usual day for the guy when he woke up and started using the Internet in order to support his conspiracy theories. He was an avid contributor to the theories like John Podesta was involved in child abuse and DNC Staffer Seth Rich had been murdered for leaking sensitive emails WikiLeaks.

That day he posted to the Trump subreddit as well. Lane’s parents Catherine and Charles Davis were quite used to their sons outbursts.

That afternoon his parents became quiet unwell with his screaming session. The screaming sessions were so common that his father had started to record him. The parents became quite un-easy with their son and they asked him to leave politely. The son was angry that day and he started to spit on his father’s face.

Started calling his parents paedophile and he accused them of taking over the country. Something from the Internet that they got stuck in his mind.

His mother became terrified and she called 911. She told the dispatcher that her son was not physically threatening anyone but he just got out of control as usual. The dispatcher told him to stay away from her son. He even asked her questions like if her son was on drugs or alcohol.

The mother replied to the questions of drugs and alcohol in a negative and told the dispatcher that he’ll soon get normal but still they needed some assistance. The dispatcher told the woman that the troops were on way. The mother told the dispatcher that he’s is calling them paedophiles and he’s is running here and there. It is quite impossible to stay away from him. The mother was laughing on call and she told the dispatcher that her son often gets stuck with some stuff on the Internet.

After some time on the call the son started to shout, “ok well so here’s the deal if I am going to go to prison for threatening to kill somebody I mean….”

‘Leave the knife alone’, shouted the father of the guy. And the son kept on shouting and asking, ‘are you going to send me to the prison?’

Thing escalated quickly and after some minutes the mother shouted on the telephone that the son had stabbed him and by him here she meant her husband.

Lane after stabbing his father came outside the house, raised his hands and started to wait for the police.

The mother called 911 once more and told them that her husband was dead.


Later in an confession Lane Davis told detectives that the brawl started over the topic that whether toddlers could consent to s*x or not. And during the discussion his father called him a Nazi and a racist. Lane has pleaded not guilty to first degree murder of his father.

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