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YouTuber Logan Paul wanted by cops over Japan ‘Dead Body’ Video

Written by Wamiq Ali

Everyone might be thinking that we are covering this guy a lot in our news stories but the reality is that this particular Youtuber has done a lot of things which not only are going viral but I also arousing interest in people all around the world. The one particular mistake which this guy committed was to make fun of a dead person. This mistake actually cost him quite a lot of backlash online.

People on Twitter have already criticized him a lot and it is not an end to the story despite the Japanese police also want to question the YouTube Star Logan Paul because of his insensitive video of filming a man hanging from the trunk of a tree in the so-called suicide forest. Paul who is 22 years old has earned more than 15 Million followers on his YouTube and he also had issued a public apology which has been criticized by a lot of other people including the cash me outside girl Danielle Bregoli.

The Youtuber was criticized for laughing in the suicide forest along with his friends over a dead person. Masaki Ito, Japanese Police spokesperson told the media that they actually want to speak to Mr Paul regarding the incident and he further added that there is no legal obligation to report about a dead body but still because of the sensitivity of the matter the police wants to meet Mr Paul because “suicide may be involved”. The local police who cover the forest area of Aokigahara has declined to comment on the investigation because of the rules to not talk about sensitive incidents. The police want to get more information out of him and they are suspicious about other details.

In the video, Mr Paul can be clearly seen laughing and joking with his friends on the discovered dead body. Even the apology statement which was released by Paul has received quite a lot of backlash on the internet after the internet was not happy with his written apology statement, he even created and published another video which included an apology statement.

You may watch the video where he asks for general people apology below

In the video the guy can be seen seeking apology from his general audience and he wishes that he didn’t have uploaded the video or he might have turned off his camera when he accidentally came across the dead person. This star claims that he came across that body suddenly and it was not at all planned so he along with this friends didn’t know how to act in such a situation and then they acted miserably.

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