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Youtube Star DaddyOFive loses custody of Children after featuring them in a Controversial Prank

They say children are like a blank paper and they act in accordance with what you write in there, the same happened to this youtube star – ‘DaddyOFive‘. Authorities took custody of the children when they saw a controversial prank being played and recorded while featuring the kid. The videos uploaded had featured the kids for a long time and the allegations include child abuse taking place.

The more hype was created when the last video showed prank of the invisible ink being pulled off on their child. Cody is his name, which is most pranked into the videos as some say, the child was later seen to be quite upset both emotionally and mentally in the video.

The parents in that video tell the audience in the beginning that they are going to throw some invisible ink in Cody’s room. After they threw some invisible ink they started to question Cody in the video, now Cody swears to God that he hasn’t done anything wrong. He starts to weep and some stress is shown on his face. The audience after watching this situation blames the YouTuber that he has shown quite an abusive behaviour in the video.

Later on, the family also posted a video on Youtube explaining how these random pranks and playful stuff is incorporated into their daily lives, even kids in that video can be seen to speak against all those who opposed their videos. Cody was silent in that video though, but still, kids responded in affirmative that they are not being abused because their parents don’t beat them up.

However, things escalated quickly when authorities took custody of the children and granted it to the biological mother, temporarily. Later Cody‘s biological mother Rose Hall says she has been granted emergency custody of the 9-year-old as well as his sister Emma. She added that they are returning to their playful selves, gradually.

Watch Video of the Whole incident and Decide on yourself (Video Featured DaddyOFive Pranks Glimpses):

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