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YouTube removes Logan Paul from top-tier Google ad platform & punishes him!

We all know that Logan Paul had uploaded a controversial video featuring a guy who had committed a suicide in the forest. The video was shot and uploaded to the Youtube. The mistake which Logan Paul did was to pay least respects to the dead. He actually started joking on the dead body which created a lot of anger in the people who watched that particular video on the Youtube.

The twitter didn’t welcome the idea of a Youtuber laughing on a dead body who just had committed a suicide. People started criticizing the guy for his insane act. Later, after Logan Paul realised his mistake he issued a written apology for making some fun of the dead. Even after his apology, his reputation wasn’t clear of the wrongdoing which he had just committed. Thus, after sometime he filmed an apology video seeking the goodwill of the public, however, even this apology video didn’t earn him something good and the people remained outraged on him in a similar manner, as before.

Youtuber Logan Paul

Youtube punished the guy for his video, there is more to the story. The guy didn’t know that this video will get promotion this far that it might end up his career. For our readers who don’t know that Google actually offers a ‘video ad platform’ to the content creators so that they may keep meeting their expenses for video creation. Logan Paul was an approved partner for this program which allowed him to run ads on his videos but unfortunately today YouTube suspended this partnership and he can no more run the video ads on his channel which is a huge blow to the guy financially. It takes quite a lot of effort and money to create YouTube videos because of the involved story and apparatus required for production.

Logan Paul in Forest!

The video showed Logan Paul with his friends at Aokigahara forest on the base of Mount Fuji, this site is popular for people committing suicides. Now, filming in this forest they were joking around and suddenly they came across a dead body of a man hung from a tree, they didn’t budge for a second and started making jokes on the poor guy whose identity is still unknown.

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