‘You’re fired’: A heartless prank brings Walmart employee to tears

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Practical pranks can be fun sometimes, but it’s said that one should be careful while planning and executing such pranks. It’s not sure if the receiving end of the joke is going to take it pleasantly or not. Sometimes, a prank can be severe for the receiver, and the receiver can get emotional. The internet is full of such incidents in which someone planned a joke and thought it to be harmless, but once executed the prank carried some harmful effects.

A similar kind of so-called harmless prank was played with a Walmart employee. The employee belonging to Richmond along with her family got upset after she became a target a YouTube prank. YouTube Lauren Love was involved in this prank, and she has more than 100,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. This huge number shows that she has the right amount of audience on her channel.

On April 23rd, she posted a video on her channel. This video was titled “CEO Firing People Prank.” In the video, she dressed like a Walmart manager and randomly visited a Walmart outlet. During her visit, she told employees randomly to hand over their badges, as she fired them, in a one on one encounter.

In the video, she went to some employees and praised for their good work. While she praised some employees, she randomly told some that they were not doing a good job. She fired them. However, a few minutes later in the video, she said to them that they were being filmed and it eas a prank for her YouTube audience.

However, when this YouTuber approached a woman, working for Walmart. She broke into tears after attempting to defend her position. In an interview, she said that she felt little at that time, she felt powerless and hopeless. She instantly remembered her husband whose medical treatment needed her and her salary. The name of the women is Leones, and she is from the Philippines. She moved to the United States to be with her children.

“I’m sorry, don’t cry. You’re OK. I’m sorry. You’re not fired. You’re doing a really good job,” said Love and then she hugged Leones. In a statement, Walmart announced that Love and her cameraman had been banned from Walmart.

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