Young man becomes disabled after he purchased iPhone & iPad with his kidney

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Many people are eager to buy new technology and gadgets. This is particularly true for those who are in some way connected to IT and technology business. These smart gadgets play an important role in organising the day to day life of individuals. Previously, there was a need to keep diary but in current times smartphones have taken place of a diary. A smartphone can easily become a virtual assistant. This poor guy had become famous in past after he had sold his kidney for sake of getting iPhone and iPad. These gadgets are a bit expensive for people of the third world countries.

Wang had his kidney removed in 2011

Mr Wang has become disabled. Long before he had taken out his kidney in an underground clinic. He wanted to sell his kidney in the underground market. The kidney was sold at 22,000 yuan in 2011. He was merely 17 years old at that time. This teenager did such a strange and life curtailing thing because he wanted to prove to his classmates that he was trendy. For this purpose, he wanted to buy an iPhone and iPad. Little did teenager know that this was a big decision affecting the quality of his life.

Wang had travelled from his hometown to the eastern Anhui province in a bid to sell his kidney. He was contacted some person online. In order to realise his dream he was in desperate need of money. The middle man later got 150,000 yuan for the kidney and Wang merely obtained 22,000 yuan. Seven years down the line, the health of Wang has deteriorated. The operation was performed at an uncertified clinic. He suffers from renal failure and needs regular dialysis. He has left his study and normal life.

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