Young Fortnite gamer, streams ten hours a day in a bid to pay for his Dad’s treatment

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Life is not that easy and sometimes one has to fight the hardships to make his way. One has to work in order to earn something in this world. A young Fornite player has been streaming for consecutive ten hours a day because he has to support his father’s treatment. The father of this young player is suffering from cancer and both of them need money to go through their lives smoothly. The streamer is making money using the best way he knows, that is streaming his gameplay on Twitch.

The minimum age to create an account on Twitch is 13-year-old; however, the actual age of this streamer who operates with username zylTV is not yet known. The young guy has started to earn some name on the internet after some of his streams went viral on Reddit. A number of gamers are attempting to give the young streamer some support so that hey may pay for the treatment of his father. Almost everyone is trying to give some help to the streamer.

Once zyl knew that the gaming community was trying to support his cause, he made a tweet to thank everyone who contributed in lessening his hardship.

In one his streams, zyl told his viewers that his family was going through a hard time. He shared that his father was suffering from cancer and he was at the last stage. The young lad also wrote to share the details of his story, he seemed to be pretty depressed because his father was diagnosed with a stage 4 cancer.

His cancer spread to his lungs and liver which brought him to stage 4 cancer. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy. These are the circumstances that the doctors gave him: No chemo one-year death, three years chemo 20% live. Please donate anything you possibly can. All money will go towards funding his medication. Much love from me and all of my family members.

Some people showed him sympathy that it was pretty unfortunate for the young streamer to ask strangers for money while his father was on a death bed.

Anyone can follow the guy on Twitter.

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