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Xbox vs PS4, Which One should you Buy ?

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Purchasing a console is a decision full with tension and indecisiveness these days. The two big names of console gaming, and the ones you will most likely be considering will be Xbox One and PS4, latest offerings from Microsoft and Sony.

Which one should you buy? In this article we will discuss this in detail and compare Xbox vs PS4 in a number of ways.

Xbox vs PS4: Specs

We could get into overly technical details but let’s try not to overcomplicate matters too much. Both the Xbox One and PS4 are more than five times powerful than their previous generation counterparts, the Xbox 360 and PS3 respectively. The CPU of both Xbox One and PS4 is almost the exact copy of the other, with the only noticeable difference being that Xbox One’s CPU is about 10% more clocked than PS4’s, so it has some edge there.

PS4, on the other hand has more powerful GPU (Graphics Processing Unit ). In real life, you would not feel any difference while playing games and at the end of the day, one will find both consoles to be almost of same strength, with PS4 taking slight lead in some circumstances.

The RAM in both consoles is 8GB, though each console has a different format. PS4 has GDDR5, which is faster than DDR3 one finds in Xbox One. On the other hand, Xbox One has a few megabytes of embedded memory allowing it to tie the PS4 in most instances where RAM performance is a factor, so you won’t feel much difference in performance.

There isn’t a clear winner in terms of specs, to choose between the two. Both consoles have the same performance as contemporary low-end gaming PC’s.

Xbox vs PS4: Price

source: ibtimes

source: ibtimes

Xbox One is selling for $349 with a $60 game packaged with it. The original price was around $500 which greatly damaged Xbox One’s sales as gamers flocked to the $100 less PS4 which is selling for $399. At that time, PS4 was a great value buy as compared to Xbox One but nowadays the shoe is on the other foot and you would be better off with Xbox One in terms of price, as not only is it less pricier but also has better bundles.

Right now, the PS4 sells for $399 while the Xbox One can be purchased for $349 without Kinect or $449 with Kinect. There are special deals and discounts on offer, as well as great bundles, so be on a look out for them.

Xbox vs PS4: Design

source: ubergizmo

source: ubergizmo

Design is much of a personal preference, as what seems better to me might not be the same for you. These days it is quite an important factor in making the purchase. Xbox One has a monolithic design, sacrificing portability for a weight and unassuming look. The look gives the impression of a home entertainment system, as this was the intention of Microsoft. of course as much about personal preference as anything. That said, it’s an important factor in determining what you buy. The Xbox One has something of a monolithic design, sacrificing portability for a boxy, weighty, unassuming look. To me, it looks like a large VCR or DVD player. Perhaps that was the intent, as Microsoft’s hope is for the Xbox One to be the main attraction of your home entertainment setup.

PS4 design is less orthodox and the stylized design seems to be more like the PS2. It appears to be much like a gaming device than the Xbox One in outward appearance.

If your requirement is something that looks like a home entertainment system thing to blend in with other such devices, then Xbox One is the perfect one for you. If you need a much flashier device, than PS4 is the right thing for you.

Xbox vs PS4: Games

source: gameskinny

source: gameskinny

By and large, you will the library of games for both the consoles to be pretty much the same. If you like the sports or shooter games, like Battle Field etc., then both consoles will serve you well.

The diverging of paths for both consoles in this regard is of course their exclusive offerings. Right now, neither one has a decent enough library to be distinguishable in terms of exclusives. In the coming times, we will be able to see how this fares out much better.

If you are a diehard fan of Halo series, then Xbox One is the poison for you while if you are fan of the Nathan Drake series, then PS4 is the way to go. This is something to keep in mind as the existing series will continue on their respective platforms.

Much of it is a personal choice and might depend on the console you have owned in the past.

Xbox vs PS4: Controllers and peripherals

source: techradar

source: techradar

This may seem odd to some of you, but many gamers choose the console on the feel of their controllers. The Xbox One controller is better for large hands as they will feel cramped using the analog sticks o PS4 controllers. Many gamers, of course, would feel differently. Both of the controllers have a lot of fans of gamers of all sizes and experiences, so if you have to buy one, do test it out personally.

In addition to the controllers, both Xbox One and PS4 come with camera device that one can purchase separately if they so wish too. If you are deciding on the capability of both these devices, then Xbox one’s Kinect is better that PS4’s offering, as it has been better designed for seamless experience with Xbox. Early on, the Kinect shipped compulsory with the main console which caused it’s heavy price but now the price has down due to the ability to choose it if one wants it.

Xbox vs PS4: Backwards compatibility

One downfall for both consoles is their lack of backward compatibility with older devices. This means that you would not be able to play old Xbox 360 or PS3 games on current generation consoles. If Microsoft or Sony somehow figure out a way to make this possible, this would really tilt the favor for one or the other console for many past gamers, as now they would have the ability to choose from large library of past consoles as well.

Xbox vs PS4: Conclusion

In my humble opinion, you really can’t go wrong by choosing either the Xbox One or PS4. If I had to decide, the most important factor would be that would one enjoy the exclusive games offered by the respective consoles. For example are you a Gran Turismo fan or a Holo series one, these are the differences to take into account.

I hope that the article Xbox vs PS4, helped you in overcoming your indecisiveness. Whatever you choose, both consoles will receive enough titles over the next few years to keep you occupied and happy.

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