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Xbox players are better than PS4 or PC players, finds study

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Gaming is one habit which is usually popular in men. Women are not normally seen to be quite indulgent in gaming, however there are females who like to play games. Therefore, competition is normally between men, as they play online games and try to win against one another. Online games are thought to be full of addiction, one doesn’t enjoy much while playing against the computer, but playing and winning against humans is a sort of addiction. Xbox and PS4 are two popular gaming consoles which are equally respected and loved in the gaming community. Some people would however like to argue over this notion, as a few would side with PS4, while others might side with Xbox.

LG decides to anger a lot of gamers after conducting a study

A study was conducted by LG which aimed to find the truth behind gaming skills of Xbox, PS4 or PC gamers. They wanted to draw a comparison and for that purpose they conducted a study. The study was conducted in partnership with Activision. It was conducted on 1400 players of different platforms. The results for comparison were measured on accuracey timing and speed. Now, the chosen parameters seems to convey a message that the study conducted was of neutral purpose.

The results were pretty amazing. Xbox players were able to score and perform better. They hit 78% of the targets. The Xbox players were followed by the playstation players. These players came out with a 74% success rate. The PC players stood at 70% while they were able to react faster to the targets, however their accuracy was not perfect. Before someone gets angry about this project, then he should know that this wasn’t based on scientific procedure. Infact, the research is believed to have been a marketing strategy. This might be a sort of strategy to promote the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

About this study, LG’s marketing manager said that it wasn’t their focus, the choice of console, infact their focus was to provide best displays for better gaming experiences.

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