WWE apparently dropping ‘PG’ TV rating in order to bring back teenage audience

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WWE has started to think about its teenage audience. Comic Book has reported that the organisation has started to think about dropping its ‘PG’ rating on TV. This move is made only to bring back the teenage audience. The decision of PG rating was taken and given to WWE around ten years ago. After a decade the administration of the organisation has decided to re-think their strategy.

The move is large because WWE in the past was aware of losing a huge teenage audience. This narrative was endorsed by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer. AEW is entering national market of wrestling. WWE because of AWE does not want to reduce its market share to another extent. Therefore, this of extending the viewership decision is considered.

The company knew that with the arrival of Eric Bischoff for SmackDown Live and Paul Heyman for Monday Night Raw, each of them would have more freedom in directing and pulling out a more creative show. Therefore, the company decided to move away from ‘TV PG.’ It was an economic decision to not let go off its share revenue.

When an interaction between Kingston and Joe was pushed to an extreme limits, one of the Twitter users asked WWE, if that was within the bounds of conservative PG content; however, he did comment that he enjoyed watching the moves. In a way, the fan had pointed out a recent match between Kingston and Joe in which both of them had crossed the limits of conservativeness. Following the tweet, another question was asked by a fan, that was it a show for showing a change in policy of the WWE. Meltzer replied in a positive.

Meltzer in an interview to Observer Radio mentioned that the company plans to use such moves in the future as well. He was referring to both the wrestlers breaking through the floor below. The reason behind this move has been explained earlier.

It would be interesting to see if WWE continues pushing their boundaries and get back to their edge sessions.

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