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WW2 Bunker, sitting their for decades, hidden beneath ‘Drain Cover’, discovered recently!

Written by Logical Men

A DRAIN COVER turned out to be a secret bunker cover from WWII located in the home that belongs to Chris Scott in Middlesbrough.

He was doing a renovation of his home until he found a secret bunker in his garden, which left him in shock.

Scott went down to look in the bunker that was sealed for decades, he always thought that it was a drain cover behind his home.

Credits: Evening Gazette

He said that he would have never explored the bunker if Toney Sizer, the builder, asked him to open it which was located at a 20ft distance from his backyard door. It took them two days of draining out the cavity and after it was done they were shocked to find out that there were two rooms with escape hatches and concrete walls.

It is thought to be a WWII hideout which was used to accommodate about a hundred people living on the street.

Credits: Evening Gazette

Mr. Scott told: ‘It just looked like a drain cover from the outside. The neighbors had mentioned a bunker but I hadn’t thought any more about it.’

‘I was talking to the builder about the cover while we were having a cup of tea in the garden and he said, ‘Come on let’s have a look!’

There was a metal ladder at the bottom of the first cavity and wooden door which opened towards the two adjacent rooms.

The first room’s area was measured to be 4×3 meters and the other rooms were measured to be 5×3 meters.

The waste material had built up inside the room, the first room lead to another room which had another ladder. Credits: Evening Gazette

There was another ladder that leads to the secondary exist, which was covered in the rubble.

‘It’s an emergency escape ladder in case the first one was demolished or blocked by rubble from a bomb,’ he added.

‘It’s not worth fully digging it out as it’s just a small area.’

He was previously told about a possible bunker in the backyard by his neighbors.

He told: ‘I and my family were really shocked by the size of it.’

‘There are a number of electrics and switches down there and lights on the wall as well. A huge table and lots of silt that could contain anything from back then.’

He told that he will renovate it to bring it into his personal use.

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