WTH is happening here? A black belt Asian kid shows her weird skills

Written by Wamiq Ali

The Internet is full of weird things and this video is one of those weird things which make me question every time, “WTH did I just watch?” This Asian kid seems to have the black belt skills. This video was posted on Reddit and gained the attention of around 60k people in the initial 6 hours.

After watching the video for more than few seconds, one comes to realise that a black kid is actually wrapped around the Asian girl. The level of flexibility of the guy wrapped around is just amazing. Watching him do something like this can be fun for some or awkward for the others. The Reddit is a healthy community and people were not hesitant to post some funny comments. Some said that this is a good way to sneak into a movie theatre.

Sneak into a movie theatre

The image above doesn’t make sense to you? Then it’d be wise to watch the video below and generate some understanding own your own, Best of luck!

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