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Reporters begged kid for a call while he was on lockdown during ‘Florida School Attack’

The People of Twitter are angry at the news reporters who asked a poor kid, the permission to contact him through a voice call, amidst the Florida School Attack. Almost everyone became angry when a kid posted the picture of lockdown situation at Douglas High School on Twitter and the news reporter followed the thread without taking into consideration the safety of the poor kid. A few reporters even asked the kid a permission to contact him through a voice call in order to develop the details of their story on their respective news platforms.

This leaves us into a murky world of politics, is everyone around trying to benefit his own self? Is this the very reason we are producing vultures like Nikolas Cruz who don’t think for a second before launching a tirade through a firing spree? This is pretty messed up for the following three points:

  • Kid using up Twitter while he is in a middle of a lockdown situation
  • The reporters follow the thread and seek permission to use his photo of the situation in his classroom. Other than that they ask him for a voice call, without thinking for his safety.
  • The last but not the least, the kid is even answering to every one of the reporters and he’s talking to them through DMs.

Now, this is one messed up the situation and no way it’s going to be transformed into a benign result. Just go through the thread, we being another media news outlet will blur the identities of these reporters and the news agencies which they represent.

The following tweet was posted by the kid in the middle of Florida School attack:

The tweet by kid on lockdown

Almost everyone rushed towards the kid with prayers and wishes. There were few reporters who got attracted to the thread, they wanted to seek permission for using the image in their respective news stories.

Kid grants permission for media usage in news stories

The green tag is the kid

A reporter wants to engage in a call with the kid!

A lot of responses have now been deleted from Twitter after these popular journalists and reports got called out

Well, We’re kind of tired after embedding so much nonsense. The kid was in the middle of a situation and everyone wanted a news story.

The kid with his brother eventually got interviewed, he mentioned it on Twitter:

My brother and I have finished our interviews. We were live with Don Lemon on CNN, Brian Williams on MSNBC, and also made an appearance on CBS as well. I am pleased to spread awareness tonight. Let’s create a better future for students like me and you. Good night, everyone. – Tweets the kid after he got evacuated from the scene

Just so you may know the sensitivity of the situation, here is another video which shows the inside moments of the school.

Warning: The video is quite graphic in nature.

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