Worth Reading Success Stories For Motivation

Life has changed from slow pace to bullet trains and jet planes. And in order to keep up with the present day fast world, we are always looking for enhancing our productivity. And there is no more effective way of motivation than some success stories which provide us the tips to make best use of our time and abilities.

Let us have a look at some success stories from our times which made their way right to the top just in matter of years.

Worth Reading Success Stories For Motivation

1- Bill Gates

Bill Gates
Who doesn’t know him?
The technology Giant of our Times is the Co-founder and long serving Chairman of Microsoft, the biggest computer software company of the World.

Interested in Computer Programming, Bill Gates always had a love for computers and programming right from his school days. He, along with some of his friends, developed algorithms and computer programs while they were in school, just at the age of 17.

Bill Gates is known to be very intelligent and hard-working, after his high school, he scored 1590 out of 1600 in SAT (a standard test) to secure admission in Harvard University. He used his time in Harvard to gain access to computers to pursue his interest in Programming as Personal Computers were not present at that time.

His programming skills brought him deal with a computer company and hence Microsoft was started. Bill Gates left the University and started working in programming. He is known to be one of the best programmers and it was his programs which brought the dream of Personal Computers into reality.

His hard work made him billionaire within years but he continued to develop software and computer programs even when he became the richest person in the world. It is said that he spent weeks and months in a room unless he came with a solution to a software problem.

 2- Malik Riaz


A Multi-billionaire Pakistani Real State Tycoon who is the founder and owner of Bahria Town, the largest private town Developer in Asia.

Malik Riaz started his career in humble circumstances and was merely a clerk. Going through the life cycle which was rough and tough for him, he never left the rope of hope and learnt the art of capitalizing on opportunity when it comes.

And his moment came when he started a small real estate business along with some of his friends. Seeing the difficulties of the business and legal problems it involved, his fiends left one by one and he was left alone to decide his own fate. He didn’t lost hope and continued the work he has started. His motto was to provide the best services so that people get attracted.

Initial success gave him heart and he started dreaming of a big project. The lifestyle and facilities provided by him were so popular among public that Bahria Town became a brand and centre of attraction for elite masses. Eventually he was able to build a whole Empire upon the humble foundations he had laid once.

3- Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai

This success story sure looks like a fairy tale! A small girl from a far off town in Sawat, Pakistan; to the youngest person to receive Noble Peace Prize.

Malala belonged to humble backgrounds in Sawat and was just a school going girl, like million others. But she had something in her which kept her higher from others. During the siege of Sawat by Taliban, girls were not allowed to go to schools. It was this time when the talents of Malala started to blossom and she started writing a dairy to BBC by the Pen Name of “Gul Makkai”.

This opened her way to various TV channels which interviewed this brave girl and she surely showed signs of confidence, composure and intelligence at a tender age.

Then came the defining movement, couple of years later, when Malala was shot while going to her school. She was moved to a hospital in London in a critical condition and her Brain surgery was performed there. She was left with a glimpse of paralysis to one side of her face.

But even from the bed of her hospital, she used the pen and a paper to send the message for supremacy of Education. After leaving the hospital after recovery, she became a global champion of Education specially Girls Education. She continued her work for Education through various funds, organizations and NGOs.

She was honored with speaking sessions at various platforms, leading universities, think tanks and Global Forums including a history making speech to United Nations.

She went on to become the youngest recipient of Noble Peace Prize and is the motivational figure for millions of children around the Globe.

4- Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

This success story is surely going to amaze you. The guy possessed such brilliance that the word Einstein has become synonymous with Genius.

This famous scientist and the father of modern physics didn’t had everything set in a plate for him. After completing his college, he left wondering for a job placement for about a year and was clueless about his future. After a long search, a mere lectureship was offered to this Genius and he started his Professional career in such circumstances.

But not worrying about the initial problems, he continued his scientific research and started amazing the scientific fraternity around the Globe with his amazing theories which made most of the modern devices possible. His hard work paid off and he was offered Professorship across various top universities of the Europe as well as a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921.

While he was enjoying the status of a Global Celebrity and most decorated Scientist of Human History, another blow came in the form of Nazis. Einstein was a Jew and German National, so his fate was no different than other Jews, luckily he and his wife were on a trip to American University when his cottage in Germany was raided by Nazi Army and they confiscated his belongings there. He was removed from the Job in Munich University and was placed on the Wanted list with a head money of $500.

Einstein surrendered his Nationality and never returned to Germany. He kept wondering, for good six months or so, in various European Countries, insecure about his future and job.

Ultimately, he was given a job in a US university and later he became a US citizen. His story establishes that a genius of his kind went through the dilemmas of life but was up to it and never left hope to gain the status he had.

5- Walt Disney

Walt Disney

Disney has become a great empire, from making movies to animations to cartoons to theme parks all around the world. Disney Land has become synonymous with fun, wonder and fantasy.

But the founder of this empire holds a great inspirational success story. Walt Disney’s parents were hardworking middle class family and were having a rough time experimenting with different businesses. Disney was in school when they started a newspaper, so Disney started to distribute the paper. He used to wake up at 4:30 in the morning and distribute papers till school bell and after the school was over, he again distributed the papers till evening. This often resulted in poor grades in the school and complete exhaustion of Disney.

His hard works didn’t stop there. After his studies, Walt was jobless for quite a while; he applied to various newspapers without success. He even applied for a job of ambulance driver. He took a part time job in a bank to meet both ends meet.

After securing a job in a newspaper ultimately as a cartoonist, he was fired for lacking imagination. But the in-built quest for cartoons and animations kept driving him and he founded his own company. His company was indebted initially but his hard work and enthusiasm paid off eventually and Disney appeared to be the ground breaking animation center of the world with world famous characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck etc