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World’s most tattooed doctor reveals judgement she has faced

Human is termed as a social animal. No matter how much isolated a human feels when compared to the society, there are certain things which affect him as a whole. This doctor reveals such a story when she decided to have tattoos on her body but the world couldn’t stand the notion of tattoos because of her profession. Everyone judged her by her looks.

A doctor who claims herself as the world’s most tattooed doctor has opened up about the difficulties she faced as a doctor when she decided to have some tattoos. Sarah Gray is a 30 years old doctor who belongs to Australia. She described her experience of getting kicked out of restaurants and designer shops just because of her appearance. The body of this doctor is heavily covered by tattoos.

She got her first ink when she was merely 16-year-old. Since then she felt in love with getting all those tattoos. At moment she has lost count of the number of tattoos she has on her body however she has spent over 300 hours of her life getting these tattoos done. She is seriously committed to this tattoo business. She feels herself complete after getting all these tattoos.

She has also been crowned as Miss Ink Australia and New Zealand. She was invited for an interview with Daily Mail Australia, she told them that people should stop judging a book by its cover. She said that it is a usual routine to get ignored in the super stores. The shop assistants don’t take her seriously because of her looks.

She has an instagram channel where she regularly shares her pictures. Those who are interested more in her can contact her through Instagram. In the interview she said:

They all served other customers first and wouldn’t even make eye contact with me.

I waited politely for ages and eventually gave up and left. They did themselves out of a sale and I saved myself $1,000, so I guess that’s one bonus!

She one day went to have some dinner with her husband. When the reached the restaurant, after some time the couple was asked to leave the restaurant. They told her that there was no visible tattoo policy for the customers. She said that it gets irritating when people categorise us as bad people.

She has just gained her medical degree. She is working towards becoming a orthopaedic surgeon. She said that the days when tattoos were associated with criminals are over. Now professional people are also okay with this idea of getting tattoos.

She happily poses with a stethoscope

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