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World’s First Pirate Politician in Power – A left-wing party focusing on digital privacy, healthcare and transparency

Written by Wamiq Ali

Birgitta Jonsdottir is the leader of an Iceland’s pirate party which arose because of certain radical steps. Recently, this pirate party was asked to get into power by forming a government with majority winning party. In 2012 Jonsdottir formed a political party. In 2011 she wrote a blog post and quoting her lines “All the people who, for one reason or another, have got too self-consciously individual to fit into community-life. All the people who aren’t satisfied with orthodoxy, who’ve got independent ideas of their own. – reference” it reminds me of novel “Brave New World” where a special banish punishment is given, but that infact turns out to be a fortune of the sufferers, for they could practise their own ideas in the new place. This particular blogpost before the formation of her political pirate party gives us insights into her ideas.

Relating her blog post into the real world, and using her concept in her political party we can say that these banished people are now going to get into mainstream government. In october 2016, this Iceland party came scored 10 seats out of 63 and secured 3rd position. Thus, the party was asked by the President to form a coalition government.

If this happens, and they pull this off then the world’s first pirate party would also be a part of the government. Don’t forget that this is a technology focused party with goals like focusing on online privacy laws, health care improvements and government transparency just like once wiki-leaks was focused. In one interview, even Birgitta is quite shocked to see this turning out like this, because before her there were pirate parties made in 2006. Yes, in 2006 there was first pirate party and after that following the trend, in EU several others were made, but this particular party is the first to win the national elections, though not in the majority but yet being able to secure seats.

She was involved in helping Wiki-Leaks – In 2010, she provided help to Julian Assange. She helped him produce the “Collateral Murder” video where it can be seen that as a result of US airstrike, several citizens were killed. She in one interview also said that she is not happy with mass surveillance techniques which agencies use, to interfere the private life.

Jonsdottir called in Snowden – She even called Edward Snowden in Iceland with a proposal of granting him asylum. Providing him citizenship of Iceland, though the previous Icelander government rejected the proposal. Snowden, currently being given place to live in Russia.

Let’s see how this particular party acts once it enters into the coalition. Iceland is also getting attention for major companies are moving their data-centers there, because of the cold climate. Jonsdottir is all worried for the online privacy since she wants that data collected may not be misused later.

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