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World’s most dedicated plumber is photographed getting the job done!

There is a huge difference between a managerial job and the one which requires some practical work. One requires witty office work while the other requires hard work done through hands. A lot of us head to our office jobs in order to earn a living. This man which today made into the headlines of the internet has done a totally different job in a totally different way.

Jimmie is a utility employee outside the Forth Worth, Texas. He faces work obstacles and his dedication helps him circumvent them. A few days back he was servicing a home’s broken water pipe and then he came across one hell of a hurdle.

A lady called Jimmie to service her leaking pipe. The guy came to her home and repeatedly tried to find the place of the leakage but he couldn’t spot it. He could only try one last thing, dive into the murky water. So, he went ahead to give the best service to his client and entered the gloomy water.

The lady came outside and to her surprise, she saw half the torso of the man outside the muddy water. She was totally awed by his level of dedication so she at once asked his permission to picture him doing his job, he allowed her to do so, which made her run back into her home and grab a camera. She then took the picture and it made its way to the internet.

Jimmie paid no mind to the woman picturing him doing his work, he just continued doing his work to the ultimate satisfaction. He repaired the broken pipe and he had no idea that at that moment his picture was going to make to the masses.

The picture caught the attention of the “Dirty Jobs” master Mike Rowe. He went to the Jimmie directly and interviewed him. Not only Jimmie received a phone call from Mike but Wrangler sent him quite a lot of pants to keep his work pushed forward without worrying about his clothes. Wrangler is the brand of clothing and while doing his job he was wearing on of their pants.

You watch the video and let us know in comments that what do you think about this guy!

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