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9 World’s Cheapest Holiday Destinations

Written by Awais Ahmad

Cheapest Holiday Destinations

Travel can be very expensive sometimes, specially for those who are young and broke. Today we have made a list of the cheapest holiday destinations in the world. This include the travel cost, food and hotel to stay. These are some of the most beautiful destination that you will ever visit despite the cost.
Here’s the list of World’s Cheapest Holiday Destinations.

Auckland, New Zealandwaewaetorea-island - Cheapest Holiday Destination

Auckland is a beautiful place to visit. If you’re planning to go there, the only thing expensive will be the flight. But the food and accommodations are very inexpensive - Cheapest Holiday Destination

Marrakech, Morocco

PalaisNamaskar47.tif - Cheapest Holiday Destination

Tripadvisor a travelling guide website service named Marrakech as the number one travel destination of 2015. You will have to go in between October and May as the places to stay drop their prices. The food is amazing and is a pleasure to eat if you’re on a budget.djemma-el-fna-marrakech-morocco-karol-kozlowski-dreamstime-33937250-e1426862848804 - Cheapest Holiday Destination

Machu Picchu, Peruperu-machu-picchu-001 - Cheapest Holiday Destination

The Incan ruins of Machu Pichu are amazing and breathtaking in beauty. A trip to the Peruvian coast are inexpensive destination to visit.

maxresdefault - Cheapest Holiday Destination

Varna, Bulgaria.varna-city - Cheapest Holiday Destination

The most underrated city Varna – is the most inexpensive city of Europe. Varna is located on the coast of the Black sea.

south-beach-summer-varna - Cheapest Holiday Destination

Medellin, Colombiamedellin_guatape - Cheapest Holiday Destination

First you may think Colombia as a dangerous place with crimes like drug trafficking, cocaine and home to drug lord Pablo Escobar. But Colombia is improving its reputation and places like Medellin, Bogota and Cali are very affordable for tourists.572a689602e06

Ankor Wat, Cambodiaangkor_wat33 - Cheapest Holiday Destination

Cambodia is inexpensive place to visit, unfortunately, the flights are not. But visiting the Buddhist temple Angkor Wat, it might be your once in a life event to see the largest religious monument in the world.

Post Processing MLiu - Cheapest Holiday Destination

Madrid, Spainbarcelona-madrid-tour-toledo-spain-2014 - Cheapest Holiday Destination

Most of the Europe is very expensive to visit but not Spain – is considered to be relatively inexpensive. The best time to visit Spain are September, October, April and May.

aerial-view-of-gran-via-shopping-street-in-madrid-spain - Cheapest Holiday Destination


Hanoi, Vietnamat_vietnam-package-tour-6-days-5-nights-from-hanoi_41fc070c61c037e84ef7c83a8b073a3a - Cheapest Holiday Destination

Vietnam is quite budget friendly for young travelers who just want to explore. The best month to visit Vietnam is late December to avoid the rain.

cn_image_1-size_-intercontinental-hanoi-westlake-hanoi-vietnam-109275-2 - Cheapest Holiday Destination


explore-cuba-2 - Cheapest Holiday Destination

Cuba is one of the most popular tourist destinations and now flights from the U.S. have finally resumed after over half a century. Even if you go for the last minute deals or plan a package trip, Cuba is going to be quite affordable. The best time to travel are September to November and January to March.

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