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Women’s impromptu Subway photoshoot has made people envious of her confidence

Happened a couple of days ago, a woman performed her own photoshoot while riding subway. The act was so full of confidence that as her pictures got uploaded on Twitter, she started to roll on the viral subway of the internet. The woman in one of the videos can be seen posing in front of the camera with confidence and courage.

Jessica George, from New York, was travelling on Subway when she decided to take her pictures. Ben Yahr a fellow passenger spotted the beauty with brains, as she grabbed her snaps to upload it on Twitter.

Ben became pretty inspired of the woman’s confidence. He decided to record a short video of Miss George in an attempt to praise her confidence and picture taking skills. The woman according to Ben had successfully positioned her camera and she knew her pose well to take picture-perfect. The video which Ben recorded, got uploaded on the Twitter. It has received million of views.

Many followers of Ben Yahr were pretty much stunned because of the confidence shown by the woman in the video. One person commended her efforts and stated that showing such a confidence in front of the people was pretty much an act of power. Another person wrote that he’d just die for the confidence shown by the woman. In fact every one retweeted because of the confidence shown by the woman.

It didn’t take long for Miss George to know about her newly earned fame. Like a humble woman she thanked everyone for the praises they sent her way. She wrote in a tweet that the positivity should not stop and she thanked everyone for the kind words they shared regarding her confidence. She further added that one should continue to lift one another.

The positive comment made by Miss George won the hearts of the people. The followers started to pour in and they decided to retweet this thankful message in show of her support. Many people started to show love for Twitter because in a matter of one day the entire story was clear. Some random guy took some random video which made Miss George famous. Right through Twitter, she learned about her fame and later came to Twitter to thank her followers.

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