Women steal $1,900 worth of goods from Target during ‘shop with a cop’ event

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Life is full of different kind of people. Some people hardly make their ends meet while others live a happy financial life. According to the estimates, a large chunk of the world’s wealth is centered in the hands of a few people. The psychologists often compare the failed financial policies of governments to the production of thieves. People attempt to steal something which they want in their life for any purpose. These two women attempted to steal $1,900 worth of electronic goods from the Target store. Ironically when they made the attempt, the store was full of the cops.

Theft attempt amidst ‘Shop with a Cop’ event

This happened in Detroit. The thieves were two females who were unlucky enough to carry out the activity during the Shop with a Cop event. Because of the event, the shop was full of the cops. Little did the women knew about their bad luck. The police Sgt. in an interview said that he couldn’t believe the intentions of the female thieves. 

According to the stats, 15 police officers were present in the shop. They were helping 22 disadvantaged children pick out the Christmas presents for their families. These two women, Ms Wilson and Ms Johnson were also present. Keiana Wilson is 40yo while Ms Dana Johnson is 18yo. The security cameras of the store were also activated. The footage was obtained later which showed the two women picking up items from the store.

Later, after picking up the electronic items, these two women tried to escape the store. The cops were present at a distance of 20 feet from the women. The women were noticed by the security personnel and CCTV cameras aided the authorities. They couldn’t run past the parking lot. The loss prevention officers apprehended the couple and later they sought the help of the present police cops.

It’s surprising that the women knew the state of the store. They understood that the store was full of officers even then they carried out this task. Both of them were arrested and later tried for theft.

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