Woman who changed her gender to become a man, regrets after 15-year

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World has different people and varied stories. This world has a population of 7 billion. This means diversity and differences which is a healthy thing. However a few people have acceptance for this increased diversity. This is a story of a trans-man who had changed her gender 15 years ago. However, he feels like he had committed a mistake.

Mr Harries, 60-year-old, belongs to Hertfordshire. Later, in the age of 44 he underwent a surgery to reassign his gender to become a man as then he was a woman. He went through a complete gender reassignment. The doctors helped her turn into a man in every way possible. She received therapies and everything possible in order to become a man. However, he feels dejected at moment. He wishes to turn back the clock and get his time of past when he was a woman. He regrets his decision and says that he identifies herself as a woman and now he is trapped. He further added that he was sure trans-men felt the same but they were too afraid to speak out. Mr Harries said that he felt mutilated years after the conversion.

Mr Harries revealed awkward details of his personality changes after the conversion. He said that he felt attracted to fishing rod and a radio. He was also in relationship with a guitar. Getting back to his choice of getting his gender changes; he added that as a kid he was bullied being a girl. He feels trapped and regrets his decision. He is undergoing counselling and the doctors have told that because of PTSD he was having awkward notions. PTSD happened to him because of his father’s abusive nature when he was a kid. Mr Harries says the he just misses being Debbie. He wants to become Debbie again but he just couldn’t get back his time. He took a conversion decision in past and now he has to stick to it.

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