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Girl during university games slaps a cop & then the cop knocks her out with a massive punch

Written by Wamiq Ali

Never try to be smart with a cop especially when you know that you are at fault because, in the end, it is you who is going to suffer. This girl did exactly the same during a University game and ended up getting arrested.

The video of the incident was shared on the social media and it instantly went viral. It was recorded at the University of Miami games. People were not aware that why this girl decided to attack a cop. The Miami police department is currently investigating this violent exchange between a police officer and a female football fan. This football fan was removed from Hard Rock Stadium Saturday night.

The video is only 14 seconds long and it shows a few cops and a girl. The girl is trying to get away from the cops and in doing so she slaps a cop right on the head. It happened when they were trying to drag her away from the stadium. There was a lady police officer accompanied with the cops. The first time the woman tried to hit the Cop who was holding her right leg but failed though in her second attempt she successfully struck the back of the head of the same officer. The cop retaliated and hit the women so hard that she got knocked out instantly, no doubt. It is worth noting that the woman was the first one to attack a police officer. While attacking a police officer it must be kept in mind that the consequences can be very different and can be horrible too, so one must not resist the cops.

The guy in the end wasn’t expecting a hard punch from the cop.

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