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Woman tweets an ad of borrowing a male for one day marriage as a date, but karma works differently!

Written by Wamiq Ali

Tinder and OkCupid are something which one can think of getting a date. However, this woman went to the twitter in search of a temporary date for her sister wedding. Destiny had different plans and she surely had no idea of them.

In 2014, London resident Llia Apostolou needed a date for her sister’s wedding so she went to twitter to fulfil her requirement.

The tweet ad went something like this and she also added a bonus point, if the man has a baby then both could pretend it to be their own.

Three years later after the Twitter conversation. Something magical happened between the two and they tied a knot. Yes, shocking that how can Twitter land you some date and you can end up marrying the guy.

The guy also made a formal announcement on the twitter about his marriage with the lady which he met on Twitter after pursuing an ad tweet.

The Llia tweets too about their marriage and started updating her status with a beautiful day of her birthday. She mentioned her old status about seeking a temporary date and quite wondered about the destiny and its decisions. The internet is totally loving the couple and welcoming them in the most unique and beautiful way.

People can’t believe that the stuff like this can actually happen in real life. Magical stuff which happens in movies is thought to be limited to the silver screen. But this couple has proved that unrealistic things can happen in real world. The story for sure seems like a fairy tale.

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