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Woman suffocated 10-year-old cousin for taking ice lolly without permission, gets sentenced…

Written by Wamiq Ali

Sammantha Allen, 29-year-old, is sentenced to death after being convicted of a murder. She suffocated her 10-year-old cousin because the little girl had taken an ice lolly without permission.

This happened in Arizona and the woman was sentenced to death on Monday. The 10-year-old cousin was locked inside a small storage bin as a punishment. The punishment was given just because she had taken an ice lolly without permission.

Allen got convicted of first-degree murder and child abuse. She had left the child locked inside s plastic storage bin over the night. The temperature inside rose to a threatening degree and in the morning the girl was found dead. Allen’s husband has pleaded not guilty to murder and child abuse charges. Prosecutors are looking forward to furthering investigation and seeking the death penalty against her husband.

County Attorney Bill Montgomery said as reported by The Independent, “I want to thank the members of the jury for their time and effort on this case and reaching a difficult but just conclusion for the senseless murder of Ame.”

Allen is shown on left and Ame on the right

Police reported that Ame was left in Allen’s care and she was forced with several physical punishments merely for seeking frozen treat from the refrigerator. The couple ordered the little girl to bring the plastic bin and climb into it. The husband of the woman then locked the girl inside and both fell asleep. The couple tried to give it a different colour by telling Police that the girl was playing hide and seek which turned tragic.

The girl’s real guardian, who’s Allen’s mother, is serving jail time. She was sentenced to 24 years. She was taken inside for child abuse.

The cruelty doesn’t end here – According to the Police Ame was often asked to pick up dog faeces. She was often forced to eat dog faeces. One day the girl missed picking up some faeces and Allen’s husband forced her to pick up the left faeces and eat them instead. She was often forced to sleep in shower stall with no pillows and blankets. According to a neighbour, he heard Ame being scolded because she had wetted herself in the shower stall.

Strange thing is that she had to die in order to help us bring this news to you! I can’t find words to complete this article and even if I write a hundred words, justice won’t be served. Let’s raise our voice and make this reach everywhere so no Ame suffers again.

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