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Woman sues Jelly Belly, claiming she didn’t know the beans contain sugar

Written by Wamiq Ali

A California woman is successfully suing Jelly Belly for she didn’t know one of their products contained sugar. Jelly Belly is a candy manufacturing company. Jessica Gomez, the plaintiff, first filed the case in February and claimed that Jelly Belly encouraged her to buy their products through false advertisement. She alleged Jelly belly, a company promoting false image of their products representing them as a source of energy for athletes.

Gomez claimed that the company tricked her into thinking that the product (Sports bean) contained juice rather than sugar. She sued the company for misleading the consumers by listing “evaporated cane juice” as an ingredient instead of sugar.

Sports bean single serving includes 17 grams of sugar. Company often use fancy titles like “evaporated cane juice” instead of listing sugar as an ingredient. Even FDA advises food companies to avoid using such titles which may mislead consumers. FDA recommendations are not binding but are often used in court. In past, Chobani yougurt was one of the companies which was accused of using a misleading title for sugar and this particular court case became well-known.

No reasonable consumer could have been deceived by Sports Bean’s labeling — Gomez could not have seen ‘evaporated cane juice’ without also seeing the product’s sugar content on its Nutrition Facts panel, – the motion reads.

As stated in the motion, Jelly Belly wants the case to be dropped quickly. However, FDA seems to be in favour of woman on basis of their recommendations.

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