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Woman streams live on Facebook a beating of teen with DISABILITIES

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A woman who pleaded guilty to a hate crime was sentenced to three years in prison on Friday.

Tanishia Covington, 25, was accused of taking part in a racially charged assault of a teen who suffered from mental disabilities. The video was live-streamed on Facebook, in which the victim can be seen getting physically abused by a group of four women.

She is the second of the four co-accused women who has pleaded guilty to charges of intimidation and aggravated battery as well.

The victim and his family were pin-drop silent in the courtroom.

The video was posted in January 2017, which had triggered a national outraged, included from the Former President Barak Obama.

All the four assaulters were female African-Americans, they assaulted the 18-year-old white victim by cutting his scalp, punching and kicking him. They were laughing while conducting the disgusting act, which was carried out in Covington’s apartment on Chicago’s West Side.

“I don’t have concrete evidence that this defendant had the knife in her hand, but she was the cheerleader for the… team that did,” Judge William Hooks said as he sentenced her.

The first woman who pleaded guilty was Covington’s sister, Brittany, who steamed the video live on Facebook. She was given four years of probation for her role in the attack.

The Judge did not explain why Covington was given harsher punishment than her sister.

However, Covington will receive the credit for 15 months that she spent in Cook County Jail since the time of her arrest.

The other two accused women have decided not to plead guilty and will go to trial.

According to the prosecutor, ‘It is evident for the video that the two women were laughing as she punched the teen; a male foot on the victim’s head; the teen groaning in pain as a male pulled a cord around his neck; and the victim screaming in fear when a male approached with a knife, saying, “Should I shank his a–?’

The victim suffered from schizophrenia and attention deficit hyperactivity order. He was able to flee the incident once all the women left the apartment to respond to a noise complaint by the neighbors.

The judge admired the guts of the victim by saying, ‘(He) is a brave young man to be here today under the circumstances.’

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