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Woman speaks ‘Racial Slurs’ & ‘Smashes Car Windows’ of a couple visiting neighbourhood

Written by Wamiq Ali

In a weird encounter with a couple, Melissa Engel Shelton, mother of two tries to scare them away using a concrete rock. Jason and Victoria Chapa went to Marion, Texas in order to attend a family gathering. They thought that the moment was good so they must visit a home in a new subdivision. The couple were having dreams to have a better living by finding a new home for their newly born daughter. Thus, they decided to visit a house, in order to get their dreams accomplished.

The couple figured that since they “were in Marion and would not be back for a while, it was the most opportune time to see this new neighbourhood.” – said Moore, the attorney of the couple

Thus, like every other family the couple were having dreams to live a better life and they believed that this new neighbourhood comported well to their necessities.

They parked their car and went on foot to examine the surroundings. As soon as they started walking away from the car, they heard a glass shattering sound coming right from their car. According to the Police, the couple rushed towards their card only to find that Melissa Shelton had shattered the windows of their car.

The front and rare windshield were shattered, directly above the child’s car seat. It was fortunate that there was no child in the car. According to the couple, Shelton at that moment started spitting out racial slurs. She called them poor who couldn’t afford this new neighbourhood.

The concrete block used in smashing windows!

Shelton was accompanied with her boyfriend. They called 911 and the police arrived on the scene. Couple told them that when Mycus (the guy accompanying Shelton) came to know that it was Shelton’s mistake and she was caught in the act, he decided to pay for the broken windows.

Shelton told the police that when they arrived home, a couple was already present there who tried to accuse them of breaking their car’s windows. Due to the increasing confusion, the case has been given to Marion Police Department for further investigation. Mr Moore, the attorney, told the press that the Police didn’t make any arrest despite looking at the damage produced on the scene.

“The local police, of course, did nothing. The neighborhood housing association, the local realtors, all offered nothing but a silent endorsement of the attack. This was not Black History Month. This is not black history. This didn’t happen 50 years ago. It happened a few weeks ago. This is America 2018.”

“Incidents like this act of terrorism and intimidation are common tactics used since segregation was deemed unconstitutional by the United States Supreme Court in 1948,” Merritt said. “Law enforcement plays a pivotal role in enforcing the law, a duty the Marion Police Department has been decidedly derelict in upholding in this case. If hate crime legislation, discrimination statutes, and basic law and order is to mean anything, we must demand equal protection under the law for all citizens.” – said Lee Merritt, who is assisting attorney Moore on the case.

Ms Shelton

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