Woman sneezes out cotton ball six months after she had operation

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China has always been famous for strange stories. Something of similar nature happened a few weeks back when a woman got rid of a cotton ball which had stuck in her nose for half a year. The woman belonged to the Nanchang, East China’s Jiangxi Province and one day she sneezed out a piece of cotton ball from her nose. It was stuck there for around half a year. It became a strange case of negligence for the internet. She alleged that this was a result of the botched up operation job of the plastic surgery clinic. However, clinic refused to take the responsibility of the surgery.

Zhu had gone through surgery in October, 2018. She had spent around 26,000 yuan, which equal to $3,879, for sake of getting her surgery in order to earn her favourite body features. The woman could feel some discomfort in her nose after the operation and she blamed this on the bad operation skills of the doctor. However, little did she know that this was a result of a cotton piece being left out in her nose.

She went back to the clinic in order to end her ordeal and discomfort. The clinic performed reconstruction surgery. However, a second surgery failed to relieve her symptoms. When the cotton ball came out, Zhu notices that it was rotten. She could see that it had created infection in her nose. Zhu at once realised that some surgeon might have left that in her nose. Clinic refused to take any responsibility.

The clinic statement read that if a cotton ball was left in the nose of the patient then she wouldn’t have been able to breath. The clinic asserted to look into more details before taking full responsibility of the actions of the surgeons. This proves to be a strange case of negligence by the surgeons who did the surgery. However, they have to look into other possibilities as well. It might be because of the bad lifestyle of the woman that caused a cotton piece to stuck in her nose.

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