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Woman slaps man despite repeated warnings until he snaps & launches massive attack

Written by Wamiq Ali

I fail to understand the reason behind this woman slapping and attacking the man right on his face. There might be some argument going on between the two and definitely, the woman got angry enough to launch a series of slaps in the face of the man. Ethically this does not seem to be right the guy is trying every second to warn woman but despite all his warnings, the woman was totally ignorant of the repercussions.

Guy tries to stop woman!

The uploader of the video gave it the title of a ‘Gender Equality Brawl’. The location of the video is not known at the moment but it has gone viral on various social media platforms.

Boom. Rag doll…. he clearly didn’t wanna go there. But you keep pushing .. well ok – says a person beneath the video in remarks

As much as I like to watch some of these women get what they are begging for replaying the event 1000 times in the same video is stupid. – says another person in comments

The place where this happened looks like to be some kind of a classroom as everyone had tables and notes right on their desk. The guy in the end snapped and after receiving 3 shots to his head he finally decided to pick up the girl and slam her down the ground.

The point is that there are people in this place who preferred to record the video rather than to force them to stop the entire fight. Anyone could have stepped into the fight to force the women not to assault the guy.

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