Navigating dating apps can be challenging with their superficiality and unpredictable ghosting, often leaving individuals frustrated. For one woman, these difficulties became too much, prompting her to exit the world of digital dating in search of more meaningful connections in the real world.

Karolina Getis firmly belonged to the such a group as she grew weary of investing countless hours in dating apps without discovering her prince charming. Consequently, she made the choice to bid farewell to technology and instead opted for a traditional, face-to-face approach by taking to the streets.

Looking for husband

She is 29 years old and she crafted a bold sign bearing the words ‘looking for a Husband’ and boldly strolled through the bustling streets of New York City, hoping for a twist of fate that had eluded her in the digital realm. Remarkably, her unconventional approach yielded unexpected results, defying expectations and sparking a series of intriguing encounters that would change the course of her romantic journey.

These things give me so much energy and people’s reactions are always positive – I love doing it

I do it to get out of my comfort zone – people were in shock on the street but always saying ‘go girl, find your husband.

Karolina Getis

She found amusement in the fact that, while she held the sign, she remained oblivious to the reactions of passersby. It was only when her videographer later shared the footage that she got to witness the amusing responses from onlookers.

Karolina Getis

In a surprising turn of events, one gentleman, towards the end of her street-side quest, noticed her sign and kindly approached her. They have since exchanged contact details and initiated conversations, with the future holding possibilities for what might transpire between them.

As of now, their interactions are confined to friendly conversations and getting to know each other better.

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She experimented and asked for Chanel stuff

The model said she didn’t have many clothes in her closet, so she made a sign asking for money to buy Chanel stuff. It was a bit daring because money is tight for many people, but surprisingly, folks were okay with it. Anyway, Ms. Getis had a good time doing this stunt.

She recounted that as they stood outside the Chanel store, with the sign, a gentleman approached her, expressing his intention to provide the funds. Surprisingly, several other individuals also contributed money in response to her cardboard. She mused that by articulating one’s requests effectively, opportunities can present themselves, emphasizing the effectiveness of creating a sign for one’s needs. She further disclosed her plan to utilize the collected funds for future Chanel and Birkin bag purchases.