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Woman shot homeless man who asked her politely to move Porsche as he wanted to sleep

Written by Wamiq Ali

A Nashville woman got accused of shooting a homeless man who merely asked her to move Porsche SUV. Katie Quackenbush, 26-year-old, got charged with attempted murder, as reported by The Tennessean.

According to the police, Quackenbush critically wounded a 54-year-old guy named Gerald Melton on August 26. The guy was admitted to the hospital in the critical condition. Melton was trying to sleep on a sidewalk at around 3 am when Quackenbush came and parked her SUV. The loud music and exhaust fumes disturbed the homeless man. He requested Quackenbush to move the SUV as it disturbed him.

When the poor man asked the young woman to move the vehicle, she came out of the SUV and pointed her gun at him. She then shot him two times and fled the scene. The girl’s father has different remarks on the happening.

Quackenbush’s father said that the homeless guy actually tried to molest her daughter and also made explicit comments on his daughter and her accompanied friend. He also added that Melton tried to kill the two women. In response, Quackenbush grabbed her gun and got out of the SUV. She then fired two shots in self-defense. She held the fire until the homeless guy started to walk towards them, the girl also warned the guy to stop walking as she was armed.

The court set the Quackenbush’s bond at $25,000 and scheduled her to appear in court on Oct. 6. The police have made the statement and have helped a lot in closing the case. It wasn’t something good being done to the homeless man.

Katie Quackenbush

The girl, on the other hand, says that she tried to shot warning shots. The report is as follows:

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